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Dynamic Website Design

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Dynamic Website Design

Fort McMurray Website Design (Build a website)

From the simple 5 page website to sales funnels, landing pages to a fully functional online store with a shopping cart!
If you do a search for businesses in Fort McMurray and have a look at their websites you will be surprised at the amount of outdated reputation damaging websites.

Back in the days, websites were static HTML pages designed to fit a 15″ screen. Nobody even knew what a smartphone was! Unfortunately, some web developers are stuck with what they learned in college back in 1999, and to this date still build websites the old school way.

No only you will be penalized by Google, you will not look good in the eyes of the visitor.

You need to worry about the looks of your website, as it’s your brand, how easy it is to navigate, how fast the pages load, then you can worry about SEO (getting to the top pages). We perform search engine optimization ourselves right here in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.


Some of the site types we create are:

 – Sales Funnels – Using top of the line software, with email opt-in, built in scarcity and urgency agents, and with staff trained by Russell Brunson himself
 – Online Stores – Using the best online platform in the world, The Canadian Shopify we will create the best-looking stores with highly edited themes, to deliver you a unique and high converting store.
 – Dynamic Website – A dynamic website, is a site that automatically adjusts to the device being used to view it. For example, if you are looking at it from an iPhone 7, from a google phone, Apple tablet or even a 17″ laptop, it will always look perfect.
 – Landing Pages – Pages designed for advertising purposes, so you can direct the customer to a certain content while advertising. This will allow you to control what they see when they see it and also try to capture them as a lead